Cottrell Conquers Wingless Sprints at Southern Oklahoma Speedway!

Ardmore, Oklahoma – April 15, 2016 - Dereck Cottrell took advantage of Dillion Burks misfortune to claim the Wingless Oklahoma Sprint feature finale Friday night at Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore, Oklahoma as they were a part of the tracks special “Fast Friday” event.

Cottrell and McDuffee started on the front row for the twenty lap feature with Cottrell taking the lead as the green flag fell. McDuffee, Mike Scott and Lee Wade gave chase with Cottrell opening a five car length lead before the first caution of the feature fell for a Randy Marcee spin in turn two.

Two attempted restarts were thwarted by cautions, once race action finally resumed on lap three, McDuffee drove around the leader coming out of turn two and down the backstretch and would hold on to take the lead by two car lengths on lap four. Yet, eyes were glued to the #02 of Dillion Burks as he worked the very top of the cushion and would inch between McDuffee and the front stretch wall to take the lead on lap seven.

Burks began approaching slower cars on lap fourteen, where he had opened a sizeable half stretch lead. However, while in the midst of working his way through the field, he would suddenly drop to the infield off of turn four with mechanical gremlins to end his night.

Cottrell who had worked his way past McDuffee a couple laps earlier for the runner-up position, then inherited the lead and would go on to claim the ten car length victory. Sheldon Leesekamp seemed to have the fastest car on the track and proved it in the feature as he started fourteenth and would finish second. McDuffee settled for third while Wade held on to finish a strong fourth. Tenth starting David Baxter would round up the top five.

The two, six lap heat races for the fifteen car field were won by Koby Barksdale and Mike Scott while Cottrell won the five lap “Dash.”

During the dash, Ryan Dean executed a series of flips off turns one and two. He was uninjured and done for the night.

Wingless Oklahoma Sprints

Southern Oklahoma Speedway/Ardmore, Oklahoma



15 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Koby Barksdale, 2) David McDuffee, 3) Duane Baker, 4) Randy Marcee, 5) Steve Smith, 6) David Baxter, 7) Stephen Meadows, DNS) Sheldon Leesekamp

2nd Heat: 1) Mike Scott, 2) Dereck Cottrell, 3) Ryan Dean, 4) Dillion Burks, 5) Lee Wade, 6) Josh Buscher, 7) Brent Stapp

Dash: 1) Dereck Cottrell, 2) David McDuffee, 3) Dillion Burks, 4) Mike Scott, 5) Duane Baker, 6) Ryan Dean

A Feature: 1) Dereck Cottrell, 2) Sheldon Leesekamp, 3) David McDuffee, 4) Lee Wade, 5) David Baxter, 6) Brent Stapp, 7) Josh Buscher, 8) Mike Scott, 9) Dillion Burks, 10) Randy Marcee, 11) Duane Baker, DNS: Steve Smith, Koby Barksdale, Stephen Meadows, Ryan Dean

Lap Leaders: Cottrell 1-3, 15-20; McDuffee 4-6; Burks 7-14.