Redman shakes off hard luck with victory at Southern Oklahoma Speedway

By John Rittenoure - ARDMORE, Okla. (June 15, 2018) - Hard luck has plagued Jason Redman through the first five Sooner Late Model Series events this season.

The defending series champion has been dogged by engine problems resulting in two feature DNS’s (Did not start) in the first five shows. Redman logged a 10th, 12th and 15th place finishes in the other three.

Friday at Southern Oklahoma Speedway that string came as Redman outran points leader Eddie Tidwell to the checkered to win the 25-lap SLMS main event.

The win completed a perfect night for Redman who started the evening with a heat race victory. Tidwell settled for second with Mark Harrison, Kip Hughes and Nate Jantz completing the top five.


Sooner Late Model Series

Southern Oklahoma Speedway - Ardmore, Okla.

June 15, 2018

Heat 1 (10 laps)

1, 36-Jason Redman. 2, 33-Steven Hawkins. 3, 95-Mark Brill. 4, 17B-Tim Bever. 5, 99-Nate Jantz. 6, 15-Wayne Bush. 7, 65-Eric Brill. 8, ZZX-Kara Langley. DNS: 9-Arin Lawrence.

Heat 2 (10 laps)

1, 4-Kip Hughes. 2, 81-Mark Harrison. 3, 1-Eddie Tidwell. 4, ZZ-Sloppy Hogg. 5, 64-Jay Sale. 6, 31-Gary Lowe. 7, 77-David Lane. 8, 229-Damian Patoka.

A Feature (25 laps)

1, 36-Jason Hughes. 2, 1-Eddie Tidwell. 3, 81-Mark Harrison. 4, 4-Kip Hughes. 5, 99-Nate Jantz. 6, 15-Wayne Bush. 7, 77-David Lane. 8, 65-Eric Brill. 9, 95-Mark Brill. 10, ZZ-Sloppy Hogg. 11, ZZX-Kara Langley. 12, 31-Gary Lowe. 13, 33-Steven Hawkins. 14, 17B-Tim Bever. 15, 64-Jay Sale. DNS: 9-Arin Lawrence, 229-Damian Patoka.