Hughes sweeps weekend with victory at Superbowl Speedway

By John Rittenoure, GREENVILLE, Texas (August 3, 2019) - Defending Sooner Late Model Series champion Kip Hughes completed a weekend through Texas with his second victory in two nights Saturday at Superbowl Speedway. 

After posting a victory on Friday at Monarch Motor Speedway, Hughes continued his winning ways with another run off the front row. Hughes was chased by past champion Jason Redman. John Somers, Damian Patocka and Steven Hawkins completed the top five in the 25-lap feature. 


Sooner Late Model Series

Superbowl Speedway

August 3, 2019

HEAT 1 (10 laps) - 1, 229-Damian Patocka. 2, 4-Kip Hughes. 3, 19-John Somers. 4, 33-Steven Hawkins. 5, 36-Jason Redman. 6, 95-Mark Brill. 7, 7S-Phil Sager. DNS: 1-Eddie Tidwell. 

A FEATURE (25 laps) - 1, 4-Kip Hughes. 2, 36-Jason Redman. 3, 19-John Somers. 4, 229-Damian Patocka. 5, 33-Steven Hawkins. 6, 95-Mark Brill. 7, 7S-Phil Sager. DNS: 1-Eddie Tidwell.